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This is Anh, a web developer

Hi! I'm a Front-End Web Developer based in Toronto. I love creating meaningful, user-friendly and accessible websites and apps!

I had been wondering about my true passion for so long until I started learning how to code. Each day brings new challenges, but also new achievements! As a tenacious developer, Iā€™m so excited to use my extensive coding knowledge to produce and improve exceptional products.


Podcast Commuter website

Podcast Commuter

React | APIs | ES6 JavaScript | HTML | CSS3

An app that suggests a podcast to listen to based on the length of your journey and helps you decide if you should walk or bike.

Dessert Corner website

Dessert Corner

React | Firebase | ES6 JavaScript | HTML | CSS3

A user-friendly and interactive website that allows potential customers to browse and shop home-made desserts and other baked products effortlessly.

Tv Show Depot app

TV Show Depot

jQuery | ES6 JavaScript | HTML | SCSS

TV Show Depot is an app where user can search for a specific show's info or browse random ones

Captured website


HTML | Sass | Responsive

This is a multi-page PSD conversion built upon design files provided by client. Fully responsive!

Foot Forward website

Foot Forward

HTML | CSS3 | Responsive

A PSD conversion built upon design files provided by client. Fully responsive!


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • SASS

  • Git

  • Github

  • JavaScript

  • React

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